With all the technology and land development happening its no wonder why we tend to rely on other people to do the work without much repayment. The ability to grow more food on less land does not mean we feed more people but only that we feed the same people more food. When we build new houses, apartments or other housing we don’t tend to those who need housing, we actually build bigger spaces for fewer people.

Why do we do this? I would lable this as greed. Humans let things go to their heads and end up showing off. What is money worth anyways? Not much anymore since we spend well beyond its means. It used to be backed by gold but since we spend and produce more than we can back its basically useless besides an idea. But think about this: what is gold backed by?

I make this point because while good and jewels may be pretty to look at, it isn’t worth anything without God. The reason I bring this up is that there are more important things in life like: charity, compassion and family just to name an earthly few.

So concentrate on the important things in life that matter and also remember what you do have when you don’t have much.


God is with us

“God is with us” I have heard this statement at every church and Christian gathering since I was a child. Its hard to understand why people would be able to maintain such unshakeable faith when things seem to fall apart. But faith in a plan higher than ours is utmost in being a follower of God.

Its not always easy in cases such as a loved one passing. My father passed when I was 10 years old and I couldn’t understand why. But everything happens for a reason. God is with us, preparing his people for a life of unimaginable beauty, peace and enlightenment. Remember: keep your eyes on the prize.

(Thank you for reading and I will do my best to increase my writing abilities as we flow through topics)

Intro to believing…

Hello, everyone, my name is John! I have started this blog for the benefit of everyone who wishes to discuss Christianity, God and the Bible.

I know this to be one of the toughest issues (and most bitter) to talk about, but it is also one that people (including myself) wish to discuss.

In holding these conversations and posting our beliefs I believe we can learn more together than separately.

All are Invited so enjoy! (Though please keep it kind and to a somewhat relevant point)